Avalon Within


Journey To Avalon Within With Morgana Of Avalon. Guided magical meditations to help you access the mystical Kingdom of Avalon within.

I invite you on a sacred quest to the legendary Isle Of Avalon, where you can experience the myth and magic of this most mysterious place as it inspires you to delve deeper.

Explore the sacred landscape and connect with the Goddess through guided journeys and powerful gate opening rituals, known only to me.

Discover your own personal magical abilities and unlock the ancient wisdom of universe.  Remember your past lives and rekindle your inner fire. 

Meet with Merlin, the Avalonian wisdom keepers and your personal spirit guides.

The 13 Journeys Of Discovery To Avalon Within

Take your first step, on your first journey to Avalon within, with me, and peer through time itself into the very core of all that was.  See within and without you and know that which exists in the hearts and minds of those who dwell beyond the veil.  Each journey a path, you will take one at a time and be transformed through walking.  Each path a session of one hour in length, to be enjoyed once or again and again.  Explore new routes on each path and choose your personal adventure or choose to step onto the next.  Begin, enter and be welcomed!

  1. The Journey Of Ancient Wisdom
  2. The Journey Of Universal Trust
  3. The Journey Of Past Truths
  4. The Journey Of Ebbs & Flows
  5. The Journey Of Descent Into The Darkness
  6. The Journey Of Fear Facing
  7. The Journey Of Soul Rising
  8. The Journey Of Transformation
  9. The Journey Of Walking The Worlds
  10. The Journey Of The Winged Soul
  11. The Journey Of Mirrors
  12. The Journey Of One

Choose How To Travel To Avalon Within Below:

60 Minute Phone Journey To Avalon Within Guided Meditation Session - £77

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60 Minute Skype Journey To Avalon Within Guided Meditation Session - £99

Book your sacred Morgana Of Avalon Journey To Avalon Within Guided Meditation Session now and discover the ancient secrets of the myth, mystery, magic and inner wisdom.

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Find out how I connect to Merlin and am able to offer you his insight and wisdom...

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