Advanced Love Spell To Stop An Affair

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Is your partner having an affair? Do you just want it to end and return things to normal?

This advanced love spell will end an affair between 2 people. This is the perfect spell for you if you want your partner to see how wrong they are about that other person and remember they love you more. If you need another party to stop chasing your lover and ‘disappear’ and want your partner to only want you from now on and do all they can to make things up to you quickly.

Advanced Love Spell To Stop A Divorce

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Don’t want your marriage to end? don’t know how to stop your divorce?


Changed your mind? If you want to put an end to all talk of divorce proceedings or even if you are in the middle of a divorce and simply want it to stop some how, then you need this advanced love spell. If you'd love to overcome your problems without it meaning the end of your marriage and if you want your husband or wife to agree to what you want to do and stop believing that getting a divorce is the only way forward then this advanced love spell is for you.

Advanced Love Spell To Turn Your Friend Into Your Lover

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Have you developed deeper feelings for a friend? worried they don’t feel the same way?

Do you treasure your friendship but still want more? Are you worried it might ruin things if you take your friendship to the next level? This advanced love spell will secure your friendship and ensure your friend feels the same way as you do. You will then be free to explore and develop your relationship.

Advanced Love Spell To Bring Your Lover Back

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Do you want you ex back? can’t live without them? Have they moved on?


This love spell is an advanced and more powerful version of our best selling spell from our basic love spells category. Is the situation more complicated? Maybe they are with someone else now or they simply don’t want to get involved with you again. Whatever the situation, this advanced love spell will draw you both back together again.

Advanced Love Spell To Remove Relationship Problems

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Do you just want a peaceful relationship? Love your partner but Are you tired of all the hassle?

This advanced love spell is perfect for removing general problems within a relationship. You may have several issues with your partner or maybe there is just a single problem like wanting to calm down an angry situation or person, get things running smoothly again and stop your partner from holding things against you or carrying an argument on for too long.

Advanced Love Spell To Gain Commitment

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Do they not want commitment? tired of waiting? do you want them to commit to you?

This advanced love spell is perfect for getting your partner or husband / wife to commit to you fully. You may already be in a good relationship but the other person is just to laid back and will not go that extra step. This spell will help your relationship progress.

Advanced Love Spell To Find Your Soulmate

Was £89.99 NOW ONLY £69.95

Have you been alone too long or are you always meeting the wrong people?

This advanced love spell will bring to you that special someone, your soulmate, who you’ll really connect to. There is a soulmate out there for everyone. Some people are lucky and find there soulmate early on in their life while others are not so lucky. Don’t leave it to chance, buy this advanced love spell now.

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Love Spell To Bring Your Lover Back


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The Powerful Full Moon / New Moon Spell

The Full Moon and the New Moon as you probably will know, occurs roughly once a month
(2 weeks apart) and is regarded by all as the most magically powerful time to cast spells.

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